Butler & Co

Since 2006, Ashley Butler has been leading Butler & Co through new builds, restorations and the general business of boatyards. We have built over 15 traditional, new-build wooden boats and restored or refitted many more, from small day sailors, through 100 tonne Brixham trawlers to superyacht schooners.

Our Mission

Butler & Co aim to build wooden boats like no others by combining traditional materials and techniques with a modern twist. Our new builds are a design apart, drawing influence from Ashley's east coast heritage and our love of traditional West country working boats. When it comes to restorations, our aim is to preserve the spirit, the aesthetics and the feel of the vessel, while ensuring that she continues to sail for many decades to come.

What We've Achieved

  • New design & build of 50ft cruising vessels
  • Re-build of Brixham trawler Pilgrim through Heritage Lottery funding
  • Specialists in extensive structural rebuilds  
  • Builders of 15+ new traditional wooden vessels
  • Management of commercial builds to MCA coding
  • Specialists in recovery of un-seaworthy vessels, including outside of the UK